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FMEDA Development

The letters FMEDA form an acronym for “Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostic Analysis.” The name was given by Dr. William M. Goble in 1994 to describe a systematic analysis technique that had been in development since 1988 by engineers now at exida to obtain realistic, accurate reliability metrics that match field failure results. These metrics include device / product level failure rates, failure modes, diagnostic capability, proof test effectiveness, and useful life.

Given a component database calibrated with field failure data that is reasonably accurate, the FMEDA method has evolved into an effective tool that can predict realistic product level failure rate and failure mode data for a given application and environment. The predictions have been shown to be more accurate than field warranty return analysis or even typical field failure analysis given that these methods depend on reports that typically do not have sufficient detail information in failure records.

As more data becomes available, the component database can be refined and updated as required by new technology and new knowledge. The success of the FMEDA technique in supplying needed data in a relatively accurate way has allowed the probabilistic, performance approach to design to work.

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