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The Alarm Shelving eBook

Alarm Shelving

In an ideal world, every control system alarm would indicate a malfunction or abnormal condition that required operator action.

In reality, alarms that are irrelevant or annunciate excessively— otherwise known as nuisance alarms—pop up from time to time. They pose a risk to successful operation of the plant because they overload operators with nonessential noise and desensitize them to the importance of alarms (“I can ignore this alarm because I know nothing will happen”).

Alarm shelving provides a way for the operator to manage these nuisance alarms safely and securely. In fact, it is such an important tool for alarm handling that it is now required control system functionality per ISA-18.2-2016 and IEC 62682 (Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries).

In this ebook, we will address the benefits of implementing alarm shelving, address common alarm shelving concerns, discuss the considerations for implementing shelving effectively, and compare important features provided by common control systems.

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