Digital EPIC Position TransmitterDetails
Digital EPIC Position MonitorDetails
LESV - Flow SensorDetails
Large Electric Sonic ValveDetails
DVP5000 / DVP10000Details
GSOV25 – Gas Shutoff ValveDetails
SonicFlo Gas Fuel Control ValveDetails
Gas Stop/Ratio Valve (SRV)Details
USOV – Universal Shutoff ValveDetails
GSOV25 HT – Gas Shutoff ValveDetails
GSOV80 – Gas Shutoff ValveDetails
GSxE Rotary Control Valve with Electric ActuationDetails
ExMV-HD Electric Metering ValveDetails
Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCDetails
Thermocouple/RTD Temperature SensorsDetails
Prosafe SLSDetails
AXR Two-wire Magnetic FlowmeterDetails
ROTAMASS 3 Series Coriolis Mass Flow and Density MeterDetails
EJA and EJX SeriesDetails
TDLS 8000 Tunable Diode Laser SpectrometerDetails
ROTAMASS Total InsightDetails
YTA710 & YTA610 Temperature TransmitterDetails
EJXC40A Digital Remote SensorDetails
TDLS8100 Probe Style Tunable Diode Laser SpectrometerDetails

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