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Essential DFMEA

Course Code: FSE 248

Course Description:

It is well known that a product development schedule and cost will be reduced if problems are found early in the development process. Techniques such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) have been developed over several decades to achieve this goal. This course describes the essential elements of a design FMEA (DFMEA) and the benefits of this approach. The course explains the common process used, with examples and exercises. The use of “expert knowledge” is explained. This technique further reduces engineering hour cost with fewer missed issues. This course also explains how to use the ARCHx tool expert knowledge with examples.

This Course:

  • Explains the purposes and proven benefits of the DFMEA process
  • Describes the “Essential DFMEA” process and compares this to more formal FMEAs
  • Provides electronic hardware worked examples, exercises, and related technical papers
  • Covers VLSI and FPGA designs
  • Shows how hierarchical architecture are traced to reveal errors of omission
  • Explains the benefits of test definition during the DFMEA
  • Demonstrates the “expert knowledge” concept using the ARCHx tool

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