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Introduction to IEC 62443 Cybersecurity

Course Code: CS 101

Course Description:

The IEC 62443 series of Industrial Automation & Control System (IACS) Cybersecurity standards are rapidly becoming the defining document set for cybersecurity protection features and engineering processes.  This course provides an overview of these standards and explains the fundamental concepts for cybersecurity protection.  Examples of actual cybersecurity attacks are given. The key documents in the IEC 62443 series are described in detail and the IEC 62443 certification process for personnel, engineering processes, devices, and systems. 

What You Will Learn by Attending

  • Knowledge of relevant IACS security standards
  • How to assess IACS cybersecurity
  • Best practices for developing security policy, procedures, and standards
  • How to apply ISA 99 zone and conduit modeling
  • Best practices for providing access control
  • How to “harden” your control systems
  • Best practices for monitoring your control systems.

Who Should Attend

  • Process Safety Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Other: Cybersecurity Specialist

Course Length: 1 Day

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