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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment using exSILentia CyberTM

Course Code: CS 241

Course Description:

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment using exSILentia CyberTM, CS 241, explains how the exSILentia Cyber modules CyberPHAxTM and CyberSLTM are used to perform initial risk assessments, detailed risk assessments, and semi-quantitative security level verification for industrial automation and control systems. Students will learn to leverage the tool to evaluate cybersecurity risk in different types of network zones ranging from business enterprise zones to basic process control zones and safety instrumented system zones. This course provides the methodology to systematically review zones of to the degree required by their associated cybersecurity risk. This course also covers the review of key parameters for determining cybersecurity risk and evaluating the effectiveness of countermeasures and other means of improving security. It will show the impact of these parameters on the overall likelihood of a successful attack for a zone under review. Furthermore, students will learn how to transfer data from the CyberPHAx module to the CyberSL module and subsequently verify the achieved security level using a semi-quantitative approach.

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