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Introduction to Industrial Networking

Course Code: CS 121

Course Description:

Ethernet has become the predominant technology as the fieldbus for modern process and control networks. While this technology brings many advantages, it also brings with it many disadvantages. Among them is that Ethernet is mostly a unfamiliar technology for many Process and Control technicians and engineers. This 1-day course covers the basics of Ethernet Industrial Control Networks found in most process and control environments. We will cover foundation knowledge of Ethernet networks, communications, discuss different network devices and their functions and use, discuss and review a sampling of Industrial protocols. Labs are included to reinforce the knowledge.

Skills You Will Learn

  • General Ethernet Knowledge
  • Where Ethernet is found and why
  • How are Ethernet devices addressed?
  • Learn function, usage, and differences of network devices
  • What are protocols, what do they do and how do they work
  • A sampling of Industrial Networking protocols

Who Should Attend

  • Control system technicians who need networking knowledge
  • Control system engineers who need networking knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Ethernet technology

Course Length: 1 day 

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