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Common Questions and Best Practice for a Robotics Startup

Recording Date: December 2023

In this video, Jonathan Moore will look at some of the common questions that arise when startups get asked by their customer for a certificate. There are many questions that arise when people start to think about safety and certification. The questions about the standards, what is needed for certification or self certification, the differences between HARA and failure mode analysis. What happens if you disagree with standards? Why are the standards not consistent? Why the customers want certification? Let's look at why some of these questions arise and get some answers.

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About the Presenter:

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore Jonathan Moore is the Director of Advanced Systems with exida Consulting LLC. He has over 20 years of automotive and robotics experience in systems engineering, failure mode avoidance and standards based software development. He focuses on supporting new and existing customers with their implementation of functional safety standards.He has a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering from University of York and a Master of Science Electromagnetic Compatibility from University of York.