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Evaluating a Functional Safety Certificate: What It All Means

Recording Date: July 2017

You are about to buy a functional safety certified product and are presented a certificate. What does all the information on it mean? How do you know what to look for? How do you interpret if the product will suit your needs?

This webinar will investigate the significant amount of information on a certificate that may not be always trivial for a novice. We will break down the certificates to understand each section, learn how to interpret the information given to see if that product will be your best option, and look at examples along with how to spot a fake!

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About the Presenter:

Loren Stewart, CFSE

Loren Stewart Loren Stewart graduated from Virginia Tech with a BSME. She has over 10 years of professional experience. She currently works for exida consulting as a safety engineer, focusing on the mechanical aspects of their customers. Along with assessing the safety of products and creating FMEDAs and reports, she researches stiction and is creating a database for the 2H initiative according to IEC 61508.