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Master the Destiny of Your Alarm System with a Master Alarm Database

Recording Date: June 2015

The adoption of standards on alarm management (ISA-18.2 and IEC 62682) have introduced a new term into the lexicon of automation professionals - the “master alarm database,” which is defined as the “authorized list of rationalized alarms and associated attributes.” In this webinar we will talk about what a master alarm database (MADB) is, how one is created, what information it should/could contain, how it can be used to create alarm response procedures, and how it can be integrated into a management of change process. We will also look at how it can be used to document the results of alarm rationalization (e.g., alarm priority, classification, limit, cause, consequence, and corrective action) and other useful design data (e.g., safe operating limits, associated interlocks, maximum design temperatures/pressures). Additionally the webinar will examine how the MADB can be used as the source for updating the control system with the optimized alarm settings resulting from rationalization.

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About the Presenter:

Todd Stauffer

Todd Stauffer Todd Stauffer, PE, is responsible for exida’s alarm management products and services (training, consulting, SILAlarm™ rationalization software). He is an editor and voting member of the ISA-18.2 standards committee on alarm management and currently is the co-chair of ISA-18.2’s Working Group 3 (Basic Alarm Design). He is an instructor for ISA’s training class “Introduction to the Management of Alarm Systems”. Todd is also exida’s representative on the EEMUA 191 committee. Todd has experience leading alarm philosophy development workshops for clients and performing alarm philosophy gap analyses. He has published and presented numerous papers on alarm management. Recent works include “Implementing an Effective Alarm Management Plan” and “Benchmarking the Use of Alarms as Safeguards and IPLs”. His article “Don’t be Alarmed: Avoid Unplanned downtime from alarm overload“ was selected as Intech magazine’s best article of the year in 2007.