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Predicting “Proof Test Coverage” with an FMEDA

Recording Date: May 2023

In Functional Safety (FuSa), one critical performance metric, called PFDavg (the average probability that a safety protection function will not work when needed), is calculated. In Safety Functions where a “Proof Test” can be done, the effectiveness of that Proof Test is an important input to the PFDavg calculation. Many simply say 100% yet many field failure reports will dispute that estimate. Reality is that a Proof Test is not perfect and has an effectiveness of less, sometimes much less, than 100%. An FMEDA can be used to predict the diagnostic coverage of any Proof Test. It provides a relatively accurate prediction of this important metric. This webinar explains the method used in FMEDA to predict Proof Test Coverage including an example calculation. This webinar is for anyone performing an FMEDA.

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About the Presenter:

Paddy Healy

Paddy Healy Paddy Healy recently came to exida from the healthcare industry where he worked as a Senior Clinical Engineer and Product Designer. He has a bachelor’s degree in product design engineering and electronics from Dundalk Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Clinical Engineering from Cardiff University & University of Wales – College of Medicine. Paddy is based in Ireland and is a Senior Safety Engineer focusing on the electronic hardware side.