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Seven Steps to an Effective Alarm Management Program

Recording Date: September 2017

Are your operators overloaded with alarms or do they ignore nuisance alarms? Do you want to improve your alarm management practices, but don’t know where to start? This presentation discusses how to create an effective and sustainable program using the alarm management lifecycle of the IEC 62682 / ISA-18.2 standards. This unique seven-step process can be applied to brownfield and greenfield applications, independent of control system platform. It includes steps for benchmarking initial performance and identifying systematic issues, developing an alarm philosophy, performing alarming rationalization and implementing the results, creating alarm response procedures, applying advanced alarming techniques, measuring ongoing performance, and performing audits to ensure system integrity.

The presentation will show how following the program will allow you to address common alarm management issues (alarm overload, nuisance alarms, alarm floods, incorrectly prioritized alarms) and create a control room environment that maximizes operator performance, improves process safety, and drives operational discipline. Examples will be taken from multiple control system platforms including Emerson DeltaV, Rockwell PlantPAx, Honeywell Experion, Yokogawa Centum, and Siemens PCS 7.

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About the Presenter:

Todd Stauffer

Todd Stauffer Todd Stauffer, PE, is responsible for exida’s alarm management products and services (training, consulting, SILAlarm™ rationalization software). He is an editor and voting member of the ISA-18.2 standards committee on alarm management and currently is the co-chair of ISA-18.2’s Working Group 3 (Basic Alarm Design). He is an instructor for ISA’s training class “Introduction to the Management of Alarm Systems”. Todd is also exida’s representative on the EEMUA 191 committee. Todd has experience leading alarm philosophy development workshops for clients and performing alarm philosophy gap analyses. He has published and presented numerous papers on alarm management. Recent works include “Implementing an Effective Alarm Management Plan” and “Benchmarking the Use of Alarms as Safeguards and IPLs”. His article “Don’t be Alarmed: Avoid Unplanned downtime from alarm overload“ was selected as Intech magazine’s best article of the year in 2007.