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Streamlining Integration Test Plans during FMEA

Recording Date: October 2023

Many never think of creating “Integration Test Objectives” during an FMEA. But that time can be the opportune time to create these test objectives when immersed in the context of the different Architecture Design Block and their functions. Integration tests can possibly be used to justify low likelihood for a given failure mode.

In the past integration test were defined much later in the development process after or as the prototype comes to life. Then the test creator must go back to the documentation (mostly the FMEA) and spend time to re-establish architecture context. As our objective is to save total engineering time, it makes sense to define integration tests during the FMEA.

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About the Presenter:

Paddy Healy

Paddy Healy Paddy Healy recently came to exida from the healthcare industry where he worked as a Senior Clinical Engineer and Product Designer. He has a bachelor’s degree in product design engineering and electronics from Dundalk Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Clinical Engineering from Cardiff University & University of Wales – College of Medicine. Paddy is based in Ireland and is a Senior Safety Engineer focusing on the electronic hardware side.