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Using a Spreadsheet to do FMEDA

Recording Date: April 2023

An FMEDA is a failure metric analysis method used primarily to predict failure rates of embedded controllers, sensors, and final elements. When the FMEDA method was invented in the late 1980s, a spreadsheet was the obvious choice for implementation. Even with the proliferation of bespoke FMEDA tools, a spreadsheet can still be used today, especially for simple mechanical and electrical devices. This webinar shows examples of spreadsheets in use, explains how to set up the calculations used in the spreadsheet and gives a detailed example of an FMEDA done using a spreadsheet.

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About the Presenter:

Paddy Healy

Paddy Healy Paddy Healy recently came to exida from the healthcare industry where he worked as a Senior Clinical Engineer and Product Designer. He has a bachelor’s degree in product design engineering and electronics from Dundalk Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Clinical Engineering from Cardiff University & University of Wales – College of Medicine. Paddy is based in Ireland and is a Senior Safety Engineer focusing on the electronic hardware side.