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Using FMEDA to Predict Electronic Design Failure Rates

Recording Date: August 2022

The design of a new product is complex with many tradeoffs - make the design work properly, meet cost targets, and meet production schedules. But some design engineers do not consider another important parameter – how does the design fail?

This webinar explains the FMEDA (Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostic Analysis) methodology created in the late 1980s. The concepts and steps are presented using a simple spreadsheet example. Component Data requirements are presented.

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About the Presenter:

Paddy Healy

Paddy Healy Paddy Healy recently came to exida from the healthcare industry where he worked as a Senior Clinical Engineer and Product Designer. He has a bachelor’s degree in product design engineering and electronics from Dundalk Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Clinical Engineering from Cardiff University & University of Wales – College of Medicine. Paddy is based in Ireland and is a Senior Safety Engineer focusing on the electronic hardware side.