Why would someone consider purchasing templates as a starting point? First off, it decreases the amount of time and energy it takes to build out the program. If you think about starting from a blank page, as opposed to starting with something that is 80 to 90% of the way there, it makes it a lot easier to make progress. It cuts down the amount of time that it takes to develop the program and can really increase the speed of deployment. Instead of taking a couple of years to try to write out the procedures, with exida’s pre developed set of IEC 62061 machine safety templates, it's much faster to get it updated, to get it rolled out, and then make adjustments or improvements over time. exida’s templates are designed to be easy to use with consistent formatting that can be moved into company specific procedure formats. They have a number of fields that can be quickly updated just once and then deployed throughout the entire document. 

Depending on where your organization is, there are different first steps you can take. Some organizations may have the knowledge in place and really just need a little bit of help. Other companies,  maybe aren't as familiar with the background concepts. Going through exida’s machine safety training to develop an understanding of the fundamentals and then starting with the templates can work well. In some cases, companies want specific help, modifying, adjusting and customizing the templates. In that case, exida works with companies to use that template as the starting point and really customize it to their needs. 

Wherever you are or whatever you're starting from, there are ways that these templates can be leveraged to improve the deployment of functional safety management in your organization.

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