exSILentia - Integrated Safety Lifecycle Tool


DeltaV™ SIS Configurator

Configure your Safety System Automatically!

exSILentia, the global safety lifecycle tool, now automatically configures DeltaVTM SIS.

The exSILentia® DeltaV™ SIS Configurator plug-in takes a conceptual design, configured in the SIL verification tool SILver™, and converts that configuration into application program logic for use in a DeltaV™ SIS system.

The SIL verification of a conceptual design is a key step in the safety lifecycle. In order to determine the achieved SIL, users must model the structure of a SIF and account for application level settings. The completed conceptual design defines the input requirements for the application program to be created in the logic solver.

DeltaV Concept

The exSILentia® DeltaV™ SIS Configurator plug-in automatically generates the application program code for each Safety Instrumented Function, thereby significantly decreasing programming time as well as increasing confidence in the correct translation from conceptual design to application program.

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