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Understanding Published Equipment Failure Rates

Recording Date: October 2021

How They Are Calculated, What They Tell Us & When They Can Be Used

It is not uncommon to find published failure rates with significantly different values for very similar equipment. These differences stem from the ways in which the failure rates were produced based on different approaches and different underlying assumptions. To used published failure rates effectively in assessing equipment safety performance, it is imperative to understand how failure rates are calculated, how to interpret the numbers, and recognize when those values can and cannot be used. This webinar covers these areas assuming basic knowledge of functional safety concepts.

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About the Presenter:

Julia V. Bukowski

Julia V. Bukowski Dr. Julia V. Bukowski is a systems engineer with over 30 years experience in reliability and safety modeling and analysis who has consulted with exida over the years. She has authored over 50 technical papers in these areas. She is a key consultant to Systems Applications Associates, LLC, a consulting firm providing engineering support activities in the private, industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors.