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Alarm Management and ISA-18.2 / IEC 62682 – How Do I Get Started?

Recording Date: October 2018

Don’t get started on the wrong track. This presentation shows how to begin creating an effective alarm management program that complies with the ISA-18.2 / IEC 62682 standards. Performing a thorough alarm system performance benchmark and gap assessment is often the first step in creating a sustainable alarm management program and gaining management buy-in. This presentation discusses tools, techniques, and methodologies for characterizing current performance, identifying systematic issues, and identifying (as well as closing) gaps compared to ISA-18.2 / IEC 62682.

This joint presentation between exida and SyTech will demonstrate how tools such as XLReporter can make it easy to measure alarm system performance. Combine this tool with exida’s alarm management expertise and see how easy it is to set a course for improved alarm management.

Co-presented by: Peter Kaprielian, Chief Technology Officer at SyTech

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About the Presenter:

Todd Stauffer

Todd Stauffer Todd Stauffer, PE, is responsible for exida’s alarm management products and services (training, consulting, SILAlarm™ rationalization software). He has been an editor and voting member of the ISA-18.2 standards committee on alarm management since 2005. He was an active participant in the development / publication of the ISA-18.2 standard itself and as an editor / reviewer for ISA’s series of technical reports on alarm management (including ISA-18.2 TR1 “Alarm Philosophy” and TR3 “Basic Alarm Design” for which he served as co-chair). He is currently the co-chair of the joint working group developing ISA-84.91.03 “Functional Safety of Safety Controls, Alarms, and Interlocks for the Process Sector”. Todd is an instructor for ISA’s official training class on alarm management and is exida’s representative on the EEMUA 191 committee. He has executed numerous alarm philosophy workshops, gap assessments, and alarm management training classes for different control system platforms. Todd developed exida’s alarm philosophy best practices template. He is also the product manager for the SILAlarm rationalization software tool. Todd is an industry thought leader in alarm management. He has published numerous articles and presented many papers at supplier user group and industry conferences. His presentations have garnered three “Best in Conference” nominations and his article “Don’t be Alarmed: Avoid Unplanned downtime from alarm overload“ was selected as Intech magazine’s best article of the year in 2007.