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How Site Operations and Maintenance Impact Equipment Failure Rates

Recording Date: December 2021

Many think about an equipment’s failure rate as a fixed parameter. In fact, the same equipment will exhibit various failure rates depending on the operations and maintenance practices at a given site. We have found through analysis of field failure data that identical equipment can exhibit quite different failure rates at different sites even within the same company. This webinar explains this phenomenon, demonstrates how these differences can be measured and predicted, and illustrates how predictive methods can be used effectively to perform cost/benefit analysis of proposed changes in operating and maintenance practices before the changes are implemented.

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About the Presenter:

Julia V. Bukowski

Julia V. Bukowski Dr. Julia V. Bukowski is a systems engineer with over 30 years experience in reliability and safety modeling and analysis who has consulted with exida over the years. She has authored over 50 technical papers in these areas. She is a key consultant to Systems Applications Associates, LLC, a consulting firm providing engineering support activities in the private, industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors.