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IEC61511 and Cybersecurity: Are Your Safety & Control Systems Really Protected?

Recording Date: September 2019

When it comes to process safety, most companies will focus on the functional safety lifecycle and compliance with IEC61511. However, with the advent of the industrial internet of things (IIOT) and the growing use of wireless technologies, it is becoming more important to consider cybersecurity and the consequences of control and safety systems being compromised due to a cyber-related incident. Recent ransomware attacks such as Wannacry and NotPetya have again highlighted the need to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting control systems and OT infrastructure. The number of Malware attacks has risen exponentially over the past 10 years but still companies have been slow to react.

The update to IEC61511 in 2016 to include a cybersecurity assessment of an SIS, means companies can no longer procrastinate and/or delay reviewing any SIS for cyber vulnerabilities. Since the standards for functional safety (IEC61511) and cybersecurity (IEC62443) both follow a similar 3 phase lifecycle, it makes sense to consider these two together, when it comes to process safety. This means being just as vigilant with cybersecurity, as with functional safety. As such an integrated lifecycle approach will help in mitigating risk.

This webinar highlights the risks and need to address cybersecurity per the IEC61511 standard and the reasons why. Ignorance may be bliss until your system, network and plant becomes compromised. Then it’s a whole other story.

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About the Presenter:

Steve Gandy, CFSP

Steve Gandy Steve Gandy joined exida as VP of Global Business Development, from Metso, bringing with him 35 years of experience of industrial controls and safety experience. He was responsible for sales and operations in Asia for Metso, setting up their India subsidiary and China energy and process team. Steve was also responsible for managing Metso’s VAR partners in the region, as well as developing new markets in Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia, Ukraine and Guam.