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Leveraging IEC 62443 Security Level (SL) Requirements to Define IACS Cybersecurity Metrics

Recording Date: October 2018

The IEC 62443 document series is an international standard intended to provide a flexible framework to enhance Industrial Automation Control System (IACS) cybersecurity. Seven core functional requirements are used to assist with the design, development, testing and construction of an integrated security architecture. As the Security Level (SL) targets and capabilities are defined, cybersecurity metrics become necessary to be able to assess the efficacy and comprehensiveness of the design. These Security Levels are organized into four increasing tiers each requiring more stringent controls be in place.

As the security architecture matures and the logical and physical assets are grouped into zones, they need to be evaluated along with the connections and data flows between zones that are called conduits. Both the zones and conduits need appropriate security controls to insure plant operational safety. Cybersecurity Best Practices have principles (such as ‘defense in depth’) that can be evaluated through cybersecurity metrics that evaluate architectural components such as zones and conduits.

Furthermore, security is a process that requires continual risk management and risk reduction via the mitigation of identified threats. Cybersecurity metrics are generated and evaluated to determine if adequate risk management is being enabled. Through the usage of well defined, repeatable and accurate cybersecurity metrics, SL adequacy can be assessed.

This presentation goes through the IEC 62443 foundational requirements and describes appropriate and relevant security metrics for evaluating that architectural components such as zones and conduits have appropriate cybersecurity controls in place and that the SL target has been achieved.

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About the Presenter:

Robert J. Michalsky

Robert J. Michalsky Robert J. Michalsky has a background in IT, cyber security and Systems Engineering domains. Over the last 15 years his focus has been on security related IT enterprise engineering services and cyber security thought leadership and guidance. This includes evaluating the personnel, policies and technologies that together constitute an organizational cyber security risk profile. A particular focus has been on the usage of security analytics and metrics to provide dashboard insights to enterprise-level security concerns. In addition, he has been a key technical author on Intelligence Community proposals in the areas of security engineering and cyber project management. He is familiar with government and international security policies and regulations such as the NIST cyber frameworks and security controls. His Project Management background includes over 20 years leading various size teams with cost, schedule, risk, collaboration, skill building and performance objectives.