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Mandatory Requirements for a Credible Failure Rate Prediction Method

Recording Date: July 2016

There are two fundamental techniques for getting failure data: The Estimation Method and The Prediction Method. This webinar will discuss what each technique consists of, the ways to tell if the data on a certificate is relevant for the application you are using the information on, as well as examples showing each method.

This webinar will also discuss the importance of credible failure rates and why it is important. We will see why all failure rate information must publish a method so any data user can see if the method is applicable to their situation, and must validate the method via comparison with field failure data.

The webinar will conclude with comparisons of failure data that is available, and examples will be provided to fully understand what to look for in failure rate information and the different application restrictions.

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About the Presenter:

Loren Stewart, CFSE

Loren Stewart Loren Stewart graduated from Virginia Tech with a BSME. She has over 10 years of professional experience. She currently works for exida consulting as a safety engineer, focusing on the mechanical aspects of their customers. Along with assessing the safety of products and creating FMEDAs and reports, she researches stiction and is creating a database for the 2H initiative according to IEC 61508.