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Should I Use a Task- or Equipment- Based Machine Risk Assessment?

Recording Date: January 2022

Serious injuries continue to pose a major challenge to manufacturing and related industries, and in 2018 6,200 non-fatal amputations occurred in the US, with 58% of these involving machinery2. To reduce the occurrence of these events, organizations must start with an accurate understanding of the hazards present. International standards such as ISO 12100 Safety of machinery — General principles for design — Risk assessment and risk reduction provide best practices and guidelines for conducting machinery risk assessments consistently. Two common approaches have been taken to complete these assessments: task-based and equipment-based. This webinar will evaluate both machinery risk assessment approaches in detail and provide information about the strengths and weaknesses for each approach, as well as recommendations for when to use each type of risk assessment, and how to align the risk assessment results with other machine safety activities.

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About the Presenter:

Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O’Brien Patrick O’Brien is a Safety and Cybersecurity Engineer at exida LLC, where he performs numerous end user focused training, consulting, and support services for industrial facilities in functional safety and cybersecurity. In addition to his consulting work, he has assisted with product development through testing, application specification, and the creation of user tutorials for the exSILentia® software platform, including significant work with the exida CyberPHAx™ and CyberSL tools. He has assisted with the development of exida training material and other knowledge-based content. He also helped develop cybersecurity projects through technical support and the translation of cybersecurity documents between English and German. Mr. O’Brien recently graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in German Language and Culture.