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The Rise of Personnel Competency

Recording Date: June 2020

As personnel competency grows, so does the competition. The question becomes, how do you keep yourself in the playing field that is right for you? Are you an expert? Are you someone that just wants to learn? Are you are in the middle? Choosing the personnel certification program that best suits your needs is very important and understanding the different programs is equally important. This webinar will briefly share with you many common questions that are asked each and every week about personnel certification. It will also discuss the different certification and certificate programs out there, share insight on those differences, and help paint a picture on which one(s) would benefit you.

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About the Presenter:

Ted Stewart, CFSP, exidaCSP

Ted Stewart Ted Stewart is a Program Development & Compliance Manager with exida. Previously working for Lockheed Martin and Harris corporation, he developed 10+ years of expertise in safety and high availability automations systems, manufacturing and lean process improvement. Ted is located at the U.S. corporate office (Sellersville, PA) and focuses his efforts around business relations and new program development within functional safety and Industrial Automation Control System (IACS) cybersecurity.