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What Really is Functional Safety Management?

Recording Date: October 2018

IEC61511 defines that a Functional Safety Management System be put in place to manage the Safety Lifecycle activities, but what really does that all entail?

The IEC61511 Standard is built around a safety lifecycle (SLC™) to provide a consistent approach to risk identification and risk reduction, in accordance with a company’s tolerable risk. This webinar will introduce the SLC™ along with what is risk and how to manage it. We will then discover at how Managers need to be competent when it comes to managing SLC™ tasks; along with being responsible for personnel who are performing SLC™ tasks. We will wrap up the webinar considering the importance of performing preventative maintenance and how arbitrarily cutting expenditure on maintenance could lead to serious incidents and litigation.

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About the Presenter:

Loren Stewart, CFSE

Loren Stewart Loren Stewart graduated from Virginia Tech with a BSME. She has over 10 years of professional experience. She currently works for exida consulting as a safety engineer, focusing on the mechanical aspects of their customers. Along with assessing the safety of products and creating FMEDAs and reports, she researches stiction and is creating a database for the 2H initiative according to IEC 61508.