Design, operation and maintenance of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) just got easier. Achieve a new level of consistency and productivity in the design of your Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).


Follow the entire IEC 61511 / ISA 84 Functional Safety Lifecycle Using a Single Tool


The use of a single tool for the whole safety lifecycle reduces total cost of ownership and helps ensure SIS applications are not over-designed or under-designed. It improves traceability while also making it easier to manage change, assess the impact of design changes, and audit the overall design as required by industry regulations. 

exSILentia enhances the existing suite of tools, including the industry leading tool for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) verification (SILver®).

All-new functionality allows users to follow the entire IEC 61511 / ISA 84 functional safety lifecycle for the first time using a single tool. It also supports compliance with regulations such as OSHA PSM 1919.119 (USA) and Seveso II (Europe). 

With exSILentia® you are able to install exida’s years of functional safety experience on your computer. You will be able to define a project comprising of one or more Safety Instrumented Functions. All project documentation will be managed with easy report generation in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Sharing data for multi-person projects or for independent review is easy using the exSILentia® proprietary exi file format.

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Informational Webinar

Overview of exSILentia Safety Lifecycle Tool

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Enhancements to the Existing exSILentia Suite

New Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Create user-defined risk graphs

Required SIL based upon LOPA calculation (uses detailed frequency based target)

Multiple risk calibrations can be used for SIL Selection within a single project

Specify Partial Stroke Test intervals

Support for MooN (M-out-of-N) architectures

Required SIL based upon LOPA calculation (uses detailed frequency based target)

All-new Functionality

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) - HAZOP Tool

Import PHA results from 3rd party tools

Alarm Rationalization

Automatic generation of proof test specifications

Lifecycle cost evaluator

Failure & demand data collection / evaluation/h4>

Critical Device List

Viewer for exida’s Safety Equipment Reliablity Handbook (SERH) - (reliability database)

Checklist to demonstrate compliance with the IEC 61511 / ISA 84 standard

The Breakdown

exSILentia Version 3 is a modular suite of tools available in four different bundles:





This allows users to select the package that best meets their functionality requirements, budget, and addresses their specific engineering tasks.

Tools Standard Analysis Operation Ultimate
IEC / ISA 61511 Compliance Documentation
Cyber Security Audit Checklist
Process Hazards Analysis (HAZOP) recording
PHA Import
Process Hazards Analysis (HAZOP) import from 3rd party tools
Alarm Rationalization
Safety Integrity Level Selection (Risk Graph, Hazard Matrix, LOPA)
Basic Safety Instrumented Function Safety Requirements Specification
SRSC&E - Process SRS
Process level Safety Requirements Specification
Safety Integrity Level Verification, IEC 61508 compliant calculation engine
SRSC&E - Design SRS
Detailed Design level Safety Requirements Specification
Proof Test Generator
Combine specific equipment proof test procedures
Lifecycle Cost Estimator
Determine net present value of SIF design
SERH Viewer
exida Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook Viewer
Customer Proprietary Equipment Database
Proprietary equipment reliability database in addition to SERH

* Server license only

The exSILentia® integrated Safety Lifecycle Engineering Tool is a powerful aid for any engineer involved in safety lifecycle tasks such as SIL selection, Safety Requirements Specification, and SIL verification.

exSILentia Training Courses

exida has developed courses that will familiarize users with all facets of the exSILentia tool to ensure efficient implementation of the Safety Lifecycle tasks.

exSILentia: SIL Selection and SIL Verification (FSE 241)

Attendees will learn how to perform Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection and Verification using the advanced capabilities of exSILentia® . This will help users determine the required risk reduction for each hazard scenario and the achieved risk reduction for each identified Safety Instrumented Function (SIF). The class will also cover interfacing with Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) results, documentation of the Safety Requirements Specification (SRS), and operational aspects such as proof testing.

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