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Layer of Protection Analysis with exSILentia®

Course Code: FSE 243

Course Description:

FSE 243 explains how the exSILentia LOPAx™ module is used to conduct a Layer of Protection Analysis. This course is targeted towards students that have a general understanding of layer of protection analysis and safety requirements specifications who want to learn how to leverage the advanced features of LOPAx™. It will cover how to analyze hazard scenarios considering the frequency of initiating events and the probability of failure for each independent protection layer (IPL) as well as enabling conditions and conditional modifiers. This course will show how to calculate the required Risk Reduction Factor of an IPL and identify Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF). It will teach users how to transfer data from PHAx™ to LOPAx™.

Who Should Attend:

  • Process Safety Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Other: Safety Lead, Others involved in completing the respective Safety Lifecycle tasks.

Duration: 1 Day

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