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Alarm Management

The ISA-18.2 / IEC 62682 Alarm Management Lifecycle

What is an Alarm? (per ISA-18.2 / IEC 62682) 

  • An alarm is an audible and/or visible means of indicating - There must be an indication of the alarm. An alarm limit can be configured to generate control actions or log data without it being an alarm.
  • to the operator - The indication must be targeted to the operator to be an alarm, not to provide information to an engineer, maintenance technician, or manager.
  • an equipment malfunction, process deviation, or abnormal condition - The alarm must indicate a problem, not a normal process condition. (e.g., pump stopped ,valve closed).
  • requiring a timely response. - There must be a defined operator response to correct the condition and bring the process back to a desired (safe and/or productive) state. If the operator does not need to respond promptly, then the condition should not be an alarm. 

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