It is tough to receive an email with this message from a prospective CFSE candidate.  I know that when I have failed exams, I want to understand what was wrong so I can study those areas of knowledge more deeply and try again. Given the recognition and prestige of the CFSE, a failure on that exam can be a setback.  

The CFSE program is globally recognized as the Gold Standard of personnel certification in Functional Safety.  Combine this with the fact that many employers require a CFSE of those performing safety work and we understand our responsibility to help those who fail. We have always offered, for a fee, a “third grading” with a list of subject areas where questions were missed. And we have always provided study guides, white papers, webinars, and books to help.  But we will do more.

CFSE Improvements for 2020  

In 2020, the CFSE program has been remodeled with new questions, a semi-automatic grading system, and a more detailed “third grader” explanation of questions missed with direct references to study materials.  With your help, we look forward to doing a better job in helping engineers make the world a safer place.

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