A few weeks ago, we were asked to help a fellow colleague who received a message regarding their FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certificate :

We are aware, that the validity of your FS Expert (TÜV Rheinland) certificate is expiring this month. Kindly be informed that we have had a lot of problems with FS Experts and the certificates in the past and our management is now in discussions to either cancel these certificates or set up a new concept for FS Expert certificates issued by TÜV Rheinland." By end of September this concept will be finalized, so I can then inform you how we can proceed with your status and certificate as FS Expert (TÜV Rheinland).

Let’s rewind a little:

When a person makes the decision to participate in a certificate or certification program it is a bigger accomplishment than one may realize.  This person, in facts, joins a community of other similar professionals.  The CFSE community is a “family” oriented group where everyone helps one another.  This group is here to stay. 

When we saw the message above, we became concerned for those impacted.  Our CFSE Advisory Board immediately met to help find a solution and has decided to help all those in this uncertain situation!  


If you are currently a FSEng or FSExpert, we would like to offer you a 1-time opportunity!

Until the end of 2019, we are welcoming all FSEng and FSExpert to start a career with the CFSE organization.

For those upgrading, you will now benefit from:

  • A new streamlined Application process.
  • Reduced Exam fee

Please email admin@exidacfse.com for the detailed information.

We are looking forward to seeing you join the elite group of CFSP and CFSE personnel.

and Welcome To The Family! 

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