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Component Reliability Database (CRD) Release Incorporates New Research on Useful Life

  October 22, 2020

One essential requirement of a premier global failure rate data source is the need to keep up with engineering technology.  To accomplish this, exida has a team of full-time experts who meet with committees, perform research, and communicate with manufacturers worldwide.  In this third quarter release of exida's Component Reliability Database (CRD), the results of our research program into electronic component useful life have been incorporated for many components.  

Dr. William M. Goble, exida Co-Founder, says “As a result of our FMEDA work we have seen component datasheets with significant useful life limitations.  Our FMEDAx customers who do their own FMEDA work depend on our CRD to achieve realistic failure rate predictions. Useful life is a key metric output from that work. Our team has completed a research project and updated the useful life parameters.”  This CRD release also has updated data on several components and updated operational stress profiles. 

The FMEDAx software is part of the exida OEMx tool set. The exida OEMx tool set family includes capability for FMEA, Software FMEA, FPGA FMEA, Cybersecurity threat analysis, and detailed FMEDA.  Such analysis work is most commonly used to discover potential design problems and demonstrate functional safety and cybersecurity standards compliance.  For more information, click here.