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Component Reliability Database - Major Release Completed

  June 24, 2020

exida's Component Reliability Database (CRD) has been updated with several new electronic and mechanical components.  John C. Grebe, Chief Architect of the FMEDAxTM tool, explains “The semiconductor industry is creating new electronic components at an amazing pace. Any component database used for FMEDA must be updated to be value.  While that effort does require a lot of research hours, we are pleased to be able to provide our FMEDAx customers with failure data for these new technologies.” Among the new electronic component data types are Silicon Carbide transistors, Gallium Nitride transistors, digital potentiometers, polymer capacitors, and many others.

The FMEDAx software is part of the exida OEMxTM tool set. The exida OEMx tool set family includes capability for FMEA, Software HAZOP, FPGA FMEA, Cybersecurity threat analysis, and detailed FMEDA.  Such analysis work is most commonly used to discover potential design problems and demonstrate functional safety and cybersecurity standards compliance.  For more information, click here.