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  May 04, 2016

exida, a global supplier of functional safety products, services and certifications is pleased to announce a business partnership with Arme, Turkey.

 “Arme is very glad to partner with exida to improve our functional safety services in Turkey,” says Gizem Ayranci, Arme training representative. “We have been working to develop the safety market in Turkey for some time, and exida’s expertise in the areas of functional safety, alarm management, and cybersecurity will offer several opportunities.”

 “exida is very pleased to be partnering with Arme in Turkey to provide functional safety, alarm management, and cybersecurity training and services,” says Steve Gandy, exida vice president of global business development. 

“Arme is developing these areas in Turkey, which complements exida’s service and product offering. exida has been looking to partner with a select group of companies as a means of enhancing both companies’ product and service offerings.  We expect to broaden the understanding and implementation of these three disciplines within the Turkish market.”