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OEMx 2.4 - Streamlining the Critical System Development Work Process

  November 13, 2023

exida Innovation LLC is pleased to announce the release of our enhanced software suite, OEMx 2.4. OEMx is a set of software tools used in the development of electronic/programmable electronic and electro-mechanical products designed for high reliability or safety critical automation systems.  This release contains a set of enhancements for ease of use, reducing engineering time, and design analysis accuracy. 

A key time saving feature: OEMx 2.4 now has a smart Bill Of Material (BOM) Import function that accepts comma separated CSV files as are commonly generated by schematic capture tools. Hardware components for each architectural design block can be imported to avoid time consuming manual entry. The user can import components for each design block. Or the user can import all components at once and allocate to each design block as desired. Component designators, quantities, and functions can be imported with auto-load into the FMEDAx application.  

Several requested user interface enhancements have been made to speed data entry, data manipulation, and error checking.  These include an extended drag and drop capability, an enhanced tree view, enhanced spell check, and several other items.

The REQx application has enhanced features for viewing and manipulating the requirements tree. These features help reduce time updating requirements as the design progresses.  The REQx features to link validation tests with requirements, link implementation with requirements, link integration tests to implementation, and add action items remain.

The Component Reliability Database (CRD) has been updated with new components and updated failure rate data. It is essential that component failure data be updated frequently as technology improves. This update incorporates new results for microcontrollers/VLSI, new memory components, and updates to useful life limitations.