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IEC 62443: Automation Cybersecurity Analysis, Design, and Operation

Jul 10 - 13, 2023 - Online - Live Streaming

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Course Description:

A recent global security survey showed that 90% of automation systems in critical infrastructure applications experienced a damaging cyberattack within the last two years. Cybersecurity has quickly become a major priority for automation systems of all types and sizes, especially for Safety Instrumented Systems. 

This course provides an overview of the automation cybersecurity lifecycle. The course reviews cybersecurity risk assessment, developing zones and conduits, cybersecurity requirement specification (CSRS), designing secure systems, Security Level Determination and Verification, detailed design considerations, and operations requirements. Detailed workshop problems are used to provide students with practical cybersecurity experience.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • How a lifecycle approach improves cybersecurity readiness
  • How to conduct cybersecurity risk assessments to match risk profile
  • How to effectively segment automation systems 
  • Actionable steps to “harden” your automation system today
  • How to perform Security Level Verification
  • How to implement a cybersecurity management program for continuously improving security
  • How to monitor cybersecurity during the operations and maintenance phase
  • How to align cybersecurity with existing automation lifecycles

This course forms a broad review in preparation for the Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert (CACE) and Certified Automation Cybersecurity Specialist (CACS) automation application exam.

This course contains extensive workshop case studies to further cement the learning in a practical nature. 

Course Topics:

CS 101 (Days 1 & 2)

  • ICAS Cybersecurity Introduction
  • Industry Standards
  • IEC 62443 Certification
  • Principles of Risk Management
  • Types of Attacks
  • Types of Threats
  • Integrated Lifecycle
  • CSMS
  • Cyber Hygiene
  • High-Level Risk Assessment
  • CVA & DLRA

CS 102 (Days 3 & 4)

  • Secure System Design
  • SL Verification
  • Implementation
  • Maintain Security
  • Incident Response
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Management of Change
  • What’s Next 

The CSP Exam (Automation Specialty):

The exida Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSP) program is a certificate program that provides confirmation that an attendee shows competency by retaining the knowledge presented in this course. The CSP program also provides an analysis of where the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses lie, helping participants judge their competency level if interested in obtaining a certification like the CACE or CACS.

The exam will be given at the conclusion of the training course, and is optional. Therefore if you wish not to participate, please let your instructor know. The candidate must achieve a minimum of 80% on the exam in order to receive their CSP certificate.