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Each week, exida presents webinars on a variety of hot industry topics, involving Functional Safety, Alarm Management, and ICS Cybersecurity.

Please see below for the complete Webinar schedule.

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Webinar FAQs

I see that the webinar will be offered twice in one day. Is each session the same, or must I attend both?

Session 1 and 2 are the same, therefore you may attend whichever fits best with your schedule.

I see that there are several webinars listed. Must I attend every webinar?

As there are several different topics covered, it is not necessary to attend all webinars. It would be best to read the descriptions and find which webinars are most relevant to you.

If I plan on attending, however something comes up last minute, will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. Soon after the live sessions have taken place, the recording will be posted on our website and YouTube channel. Also, as long as you register, even if you do not attend, you will receive a link to the recording, as well as a PDF of the presentation, in an email within a week of the scheduled webinar.

I know I will have questions. Will there be time at the end to ask the presenter questions?

Yes, there will be time set aside for questions. If your question is not answered, or you would like to have a follow-up conversation with our presenter, the presenter will provide his/her email address at the conclusion of the webinar.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Webinar Details
17 September 2019 IEC61511 and Cybersecurity: Are Your Safety & Control Systems Really Protected?? Details

Recorded Webinars

Date Webinar Details
September 2019 What Does “… failures which are the responsibility of the manufacturer were examined” Mean ? Details
September 2019 The next step in Final Element safety – the integrated remote actuated valve! Details
September 2019 Why People Dangerously Ignore Motor Controllers in a SIF Details
August 2019 Getting Failure Rate Data for Motor Controllers Details
August 2019 How Final Element Proof Test Can Affect Your Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) Details
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