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Passing an endorsement examination demonstrates proven capabilities and subject matter expertise beyond that which is required for the Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) or Certified Functional Safety Professional (CFSP) credentials. The process of successfully earning an endorsement includes:

  • Complete a brief online application and registration
  • Select the specific area of endorsement for examination (e.g., SIL Verification)
  • Complete the online examination (40 multiple choice questions)
    • No travel necessary!  You may complete these exams from the convenience of your home or (if permitted) at your professional workplace
  • Score 80% or greater in the proficiency exam

Be Prepared

The focus of the CFSE program has always been on developing usable knowledge and skills, rather than simply passing a test. So how do you study for such an exam?  When becoming an expert in your field, the day to day tasks at your current job should be preparing you for this examination. However, since we are all creatures of preparation and safety, many of us would like additional information to help prepare ourselves.  There are many published books that will help a candidate learn more in a certain field.

Can I Earn More than One Endorsement?

Similar to becoming a Boy Scout and receiving Merit Badges, this endorsement program acts the same way.  The more one is endorsed, the greater the expertise.  There is no limit to the amount of endorsements a CFSE/CFSP may have.  There have actually been a few candidates that have taken on the challenge to see how many they can acquire before their colleague!  Although it appears to become a “game,” the candidates are learning a vast amount and are becoming extremely knowledgeable in many different fields. Therefore it has become a Win-Win situation.

Hopefully I was able to help many of you learn a little bit more about the CFSE Endorsement Program.

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