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Participation in the endorsement program can provide many benefits to you and/or your company:

  • Professional growth and development
  • Acquire / Demonstrate expertise in specific areas of functional safety
  • Strengthen you resume
  • Make yourself a more valuable safety engineer
  • Fulfill continuing education requirements
  • Standout in the field of safety
  • Keep up with changes in technology and best practices
  • Differentiate yourself from other safety practitioners

Now who should participate in such a program?

The CFSE Endorsement Program states that only existing Certified Functional Safety Experts (CFSE) or Certified Functional Safety Professionals (CFSP) are eligible to participate in this program.  It is also recommended that only candidates that show a strong desire in mastering new skills in the field of functional safety should attempt to take one of these exams.  The board has found that the following list includes, but is not limited to those that may be interested in pursuing this program: 

  • Loss prevention professionals
  • Process safety coordinators
  • Plant risk analysts
  • Control engineers and their management
  • System integrators

This program is for those of you that want to better yourself as a Functional Safety professional and feel you are in the upper tier of your position and want to show people not only are you an expert in the field, but that you are dedicated in continuing your education to become the best functional safety engineer possible.

Please see my next blog on the exam details and how to earn such endorsements.


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