As the inventor of the FMEDA process, our experts planned a series of eight webinars introducing FMEDA concepts and methods available in the Youtube playlist below.

The series starts with an introduction for the beginner, quickly moves to medium level topics, and finally, at the end, covers the more complicated and perhaps confusing issues. The webinars are of value to anyone performing and contracting FMEDA work. 

Featured Webinars

  • What is an FMEDA?
  • Using a Spreadsheet to do FMEDA
  • Predicting “Useful Life” with an FMEDA
  • Predicting “Proof Test Coverage” with an FMEDA
  • Component Data Requirements for an FMEDA
  • FMEDA Tips and Techniques
  • Validating the results of an FMEDA
  • Using an FMEDA Tool - FMEDAx

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