Conducting a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) can be quite laborious. In a HAZOP, you will systematically evaluate the applicable deviations for each node, within each unit, within each plant. The exSILentia® v4 PHAx™ module is setup to use smart deviations which will be defined for a particular node evaluation based on the node type specified. This will ensure that you are focusing on only those deviations that are applicable for a specific node type.

When you identify potential causes leading to the deviation under consideration, as well as the associated consequence you will enjoy the use of autocomplete functionality where PHA software will automatically suggest a cause or consequence based on the first characters you typed. This can be a good timesaver.

In addition, this module uses the concept of libraries. All safeguards, recommendations, and hazard scenarios are part of these libraries. In the HAZOP worksheet you can then simply link to a safeguard, recommendation, or hazard scenario out of the library. If a relief valve, for example, is used in multiple locations you only need to specify it once and in all other locations you can simply link to it. This is very powerful functionality as it will show you if a safeguard, for example, is used in multiple locations. It will help you to determine overall project impact if you decide to make some changes to a particular safeguard.

The screenshot below shows how safeguards are used in multiple locations, the unique identifiers 7 and 8 are linked to both cause consequence pairs in this HAZOP worksheet.

If we then look in the PHAx™ safeguard library and select the #7 safeguard, we can see that it is used in 2 distinct places in the PHA. The libraries can be a very powerful tool to understand the impact of any modification to a safeguard or recommendation for example. Additionally, the ability to link to other safeguards instead of having to redefine them makes the libraries a great time saver as well.

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