I was talking to a customer the other day regarding failure rate data and I brought up our Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook (SERH): 4th Edition.   Through the years, along with our comprehensive safety lifecycle tool exSILentia, the book set has become one of exida's flagship products. If you have never heard of the SERH,  it is essentially a hard copy of exida’s SERH database that contains a vast amount of equipment item reliability data.

The set comes in three different volumes:

  • 01 Sensors
  • 02 Logic Solvers & Interface Modules
  • 03 Final Elements

The SERH provides a collection of failure rate data that is applicable for use in Safety Instrumented System (SIS) conceptual design verification in the process industry. The Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook remains the ultimate reference source for any safety engineer involved in Conceptual Design and Safety Integrity Level verification.

In the 12 years since the first edition was published, the number of equipment items with realistic failure rate data has increased tremendously. The new edition has many new manufacturers, taking the total to over 200 OEMs!

As mentioned, the SERH remains the ultimate reference source for any safety engineer involved in Conceptual Design and Safety Integrity Level verification. Users of the data can trust that the data represented has been reviewed in detail and judged applicable for use to evaluate equipment items in Safety Instrumented Function applications.

"Having a single source of failure rate data, easy to implement by users in their SIL verification calculations, will improve effectiveness and consistency,” says Joe Scalia, ARC Advisory Group. “With the SERH, the amount of time needed to research individual products and determine the applicability of the data to Safety Instrumented Systems in the process industry, virtually drops to zero.”

Features and Benefits:

  • Failure Data specific for Safety Instrumented System Design and Verification for precise calculations
  • An expansive collection of equipment items comprised of FMEDA results for:
    • Volume 1: Sensors, including Fire and Gas, Flame Monitoring, Flow, Level, Pressure, Proximity, and Temperature measurements
    • Volume 2: Logic Solvers & Interface Modules, including  Barriers, Surge protection devices, Relays, logic solvers, Fire and Gas Systems, and solenoid drivers
    • Volume 3: Final Elements,  including Final Element interfaces such as solenoids and digital valve positioners, Pneumatic interfaces such as Quick Exhaust valves, Actuators, Valves such as ball, butterfly, gate, etc. valves, and Gas Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Numerous different manufacturers and equipment from more than 200 OEMs enabling quick and easy searches for certified functional safety products
  • Comprehensive data from FMEDA results including:
    • Failure Rates
    • Useful Life
    • Certification Status and SIL Capability, enabling an all-inclusive level of detail and analysis along with advanced modeling tools, such as exSILentia®, that will permit the customer to investigate what type of coverage is expected and what credit can be claimed for Safety Instrumented Functions.
  • Accurate and precise data for specific manufacturers and products based on detailed analysis of product by the exida predictive analytics qualifying accurate failure rates and data for precise calculations
  • The only product specific reliability data source on the market allows you to save hours of research while reviewing the largest collection of data available

Why upgrade to Edition 4?

  • Collection of equipment items has vastly increased since 3rd Edition
    • New manufacturers
    • Several new devices, for example the 4th Edition includes over 200 unique valves increased from 20 in the 3rd Edition
  • Products have been reanalyzed and/or new versions have been included
  • Additional equipment information listed
    • Route 1H or Route 2H
    • Environmental profiles
    • Internal Fault Detection Time
    • Applicable Hardware and Software version

The SERH 4th Edition is for sale only through exida Here

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