Recently I was reading The Manufacturing Operations Technology Viewpoints blog and came across an interest post on Alarm Management that cites exida’s Alarm Management cheat sheet.  The blog post entitled The Crossroads of Alarm Management and Process Safety is a great summary for any one who needs a primer on where Alarm Management stands today in process safety.

Here is an excerpt:

The role of alarm management in process safety can be unclear.  A good understanding of the role of alarms in process safety is necessary both for optimum operator effectiveness and plant safety.  Many end users are undergoing alarm management projects at their respective plants or across their companies right now.  In some cases, they are migrating from an old alarm management system.  In others, they are initiating a new alarm management program.  In either case, if you are undertaking such a project, it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive understanding of where process alarms and safety intersect.

The blog post can be read here.  

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