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exida Certifies Gimpel Static Analyser Tool to SIL 4 & ASIL D

  February 11, 2020

Gimpel Software LLC, the leading pioneer of static analysis solutions, has just received an ASIL D and SIL 4 certificate for PC-lint Plus from exida. 

With its vast capabilities as a comprehensive static analyzer, PC-lint Plus has achieved certification in both the ISO 26262 and the IEC 61508 standards. This widely used tool works to improve software quality by detecting serious coding issues common with C and C++ programs such as buffer overflows, null pointer dereferences, inappropriate interface use, etc.

With its mature and comprehensive feature set, PC-lint Plus provides an elegant method of adapting to an organization's development environment and analysis requirements.

exida, the global leader in functional safety, cybersecurity, and alarm management for the process industries was pleased to work alongside of Gimpel’s team throughout the process of receiving their ISO and IEC certifications. “Robert and the rest of the PC-lint Plus development team are genuinely focused on creating the best C/C++ static analyzer available,” adds Dave Butler, Safety Engineer for exida. “Their decades of experience and dedication to their product’s efficacy, in combination with a thoughtful design and the extensive testing and verification used in their development process, guaranteed a successful certification process.”

 “The exida staff we interacted with were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive.  Dave was instrumental in helping us to understand the certification process and requirements and how they applied to our situation.  Questions and concerns were consistently addressed in a thoughtful and meaningful way.  We learned a lot from the experience and are very happy with our decision to partner with exida,” remarks Robert Gamble, Project Manager for Gimpel. 

With such a broad set of safety standards in which PC-lint Plus is able to comply and a strong certification through exida, this tool provides developers with an effective solution for C and C++ programs.