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exida releases new OEMx™ Software, NextGen tool for Design and Development of Safety Critical Device

  October 12, 2021

Sellersville, PA: The global leader in functional safety, cybersecurity, and alarm management, exida, has released a new version of its OEMx™ product development software streamlining and accelerating the design process for safety critical devices and automatic protection systems that require compliance with the IEC 61508 family of functional safety standards and the IEC 62443 family of cybersecurity standards.

OEMx provides a common set of tools (ARCHx™ and FMEDAx™) for safety & reliability analysis of hardware, software, functional safety, and cyber security threats from the system level down to the chip level, reducing time to market and engineering cost.

An embedded expert knowledge base (based on 30+ years of design experience) improves design quality by presenting likely system problems and recommended safety measures within the context of the design workflow. “The expert knowledge base is unique in the industry”, says Dr. William Goble, co-founder and principal partner at exida. “It helps identifies design errors early and allows failure detection and prevention to be designed-in from the beginning”.

Tight integration of FMEA and FMEDA tools exposes design errors, avoids costly rework, and helps manage design iterations. A comprehensive Component Reliability Database (CRD™), calibrated for accuracy using field failure data, feeds failure rates, failure modes / distributions, and useful life to the FMEDA resulting in accurate safety & reliability predictions.  A project library manages design inputs, outputs, and action items from a central location, making it easier to achieve functional safety and cybersecurity certification.

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