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exida Announces New Cybersecurity Scorecard Program™

  August 06, 2013

The exida Cybersecurity Scorecard Program™ is an independent evaluation of the cybersecurity capabilities and robustness of a product or system. The evaluation criteria is based upon industry standards and specifications such as ISA/IEC 62443 (formerly ISA 99), NERC CIP, NIST 800-82 and WIB. Cybersecurity Scorecard is not pass/fail. Rather, it is straightforward evaluation and reporting of the facts – analogous to a CarFax® report. It can serve as an indication of readiness of a product for certifications such as ISASecure™ or Achilles™.

A Cybersecurity Scorecard offers a quick and inexpensive solution for companies that want or need to know the security posture of their products.

  • Provides product management with an independent evaluation of their device or system’s security
  • Identifies security vulnerabilities in devices or systems before “the bad guys do”
  •   Aides developers in identifying and remediating security bugs
  •   Provides documented third-party appraisal that can be shared with prospective customers
  •   Quick and inexpensive – most devices can be assessed in less than a week and for less than $10,000
  •   Allows suppliers to evaluate the feasibility of full security certification without the risk

Learn More about the program here