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Field Data Validation with Predictive Analytics Webinar

  January 12, 2015

Field Data Validation with Predictive Analytics Webinar

exida Webinars are back for 2015! This Wednesday (Jan 14) Dr. William Goble talks about Field Data Validation with Predictive Analytics.

Upper and lower reasonability bounds for instrument failure rates can be established using a large set of FMEDA analysis results. These numbers can be used as a benchmark to help validate any failure data collection process. For any set of collected field failure data for a device, a λ of the device is calculated and compared to the benchmark. It is not uncommon for the benchmark λ and estimated λ to differ considerably. Predictive Analytics (PA) is a procedure for exploring these differences and assessing the accuracy of the estimated device λ with respect to the benchmark λ of the device. The PA process often results in improved data collection methods and more accurate field failure data.

This web seminar describes the PA method and the procedures used to validate field failure data collection processes.

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