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The CFSE Functional Safety Expert Exam is Now Offered Online

  March 24, 2020

exida, the global leader in functional safety, industrial automation cybersecurity, and alarm management is thrilled to announce a new online testing platform for their CFSE (Certified Functional Safety Expert) and CACE (IEC 62443 Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert) Certification programs.  This also includes the CFSP and CACS exams.

exida has teamed up with Gauge and ProctorU for a fully functioning and integrated online test platform for those looking to earn these certifications out of the comfort of their chosen environment. 

“This new online platform allows users to access and complete all portions of their chosen exam through a securely guided and proctored experience,” says CFSE program manager Ted Stewart. “Candidates will now be able to submit their application via email and now schedule their exam when they wish.  Testing can now be done anytime and anywhere.”

With the collaborated and integrated efforts of Gauge and ProctorU, the CFSE program will be able to keep security as a top priority for test takers.  Real-time behavior monitoring, multiple face recognition, live proctoring, and real-time incident stamping are just a few of the features now enabled to ensure a secure environment.

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