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Valmet Automation Receives SDLA Certification Through exida

  February 04, 2020

Sellersville, PA: The global leader in industrial automation cybersecurity certification, exida, has presented Valmet Automation with their Security Development Lifecycle Assurance Certification (SDLA) for their DNA Automation System.

The Valmet DNA is a distributed control system for demanding process automation applications. Valmet now introduces a new web-based Valmet DNA User Interface (DNA UI) for the system, making the most meaningful information available to all process automation users according to their roles, regardless of their location. Valmet DNA UI is the first web-based user-interface that can also be delivered as an upgrade to existing Valmet DNA automation systems. This means that in the future the existing customers can unlock the benefits the web-based user interface offers via upgrade rather than a full system renewal.

exida was pleased to work alongside of the team at Valmet Automation with their SDLA Certification. “The assessment and certification process with exida went fluently,” remarked Mikko Tervo, Manager for Valmet Automation. “There were no problems or surprises in the certification process, and in the end the deadline set by us to exida was met and we were able to use certification in our product launch marketing.” 

Valmet DNA was one of the first security development lifecycle processes certified to IEC 62443-4-1:2018.” Adds Jeff Davis, Evaluating Assessor for exida. “Valmet's security processes are at the forefront for organization, accessibility, and clarity for developers and management. Valmet’s commitment to security via certification shows they consider security an integral part of their products.”