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VIDEO: HSE Industrial Automation Cybersecurity Operational Guideline Compliance

  December 22, 2017

The HSE Industrial Automation Cybersecurity Operational Guideline was published in March of 2017.

This operational guideline represents the HSE’s interpretation on current standards on industrial communication networks, system security, and functional safety in so far as they relate to major hazards in the workplace.  This operational guideline should contribute towards a suitable demonstration of compliance with relative H&S legislation.  In order to demonstrate that cybersecurity risks have been managed to as low as reasonably practical, alternative equivalent means may also be used to demonstrate compliance.

As this guideline was released in March of ’17, we can assume that in 2018 there will be audits and inspections by the HSE for the companies that fall under the scope of this guideline.

Some key questions:

  • Are you prepared for the audit?
  • What will the auditors ask?
  • What are the relevant information the auditors may be looking for when doing an audit or an inspection?

So... which questions will the HSE auditors ask? Below is a video that describes how exida can help: